Senior Session

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Directors: Jared, Shannon & Jonah Leinen

  • Senior Camp is for teens in grades 9-12. Each summer there are two 1 week Senior Camp sessions. Teens may attend one or both.
  • Senior Camp is more relaxed than other sessions. Campers start off the day with an optional Devo/Breakfast. Next is Flag Raising, followed by Personal Devo time. After Personal Devo time, campers worship in the chapel and prepare for classes. Lunch comes next followed by camp clean up time. Then comes a time to rest before cabin activity and swim time. After campers get cleaned up mail items are passed out and Dinner is served. After Dinner is evening Chapel followed by camp-wide activity, Covenant Groups, and Campfire.
  • Campers participate in Morning Boot Camp, Lip Sync Night, Pokemon Night, Skit Night, Broom Hockey, swimming, Medallion Hunt, Capture the Flag, Ultimate Soccer, Banquet, Midnight Hike, Water Activities, Relays, and various other games and activities throughout the session.
  • For this age group it is sometimes hard to balance their summer schedule between school activities, work, and other distractions and many parents are making them choose. However, every year the majority of kids who only sign-up for 1 week of camp try to stay for the second week because they realize it is the place that they need to be!
  • We, as Senior Camp directors creatively set up activities that are tailored for the age group. There are some camp traditions but the things that are most complimented by the campers are their appreciation for “changing things up”, and helping them to grow as they move up from Intermediate to Senior Camp. We are also very selective when choosing staff, making sure campers are able to relate to the counselors and making sure they are accountable. Keeping a connection with potential staff members is key and bringing back people who know what NYC is all about.
  • Some thing campers enjoy most about Senior Camp are the Covenant Groups (which are divided by age group), camp-wide evening activities, the relatable staff, and the overall spiritual focus of the session.
  • We really feel that relationships are important. This is good for keeping the campers accountable when they go home. Keeping each other strong through seeing each other at Youth Rallies or even Facebook allows them to realize that they are connected and that they can battle things outside of camp. Also, we try and create an atmosphere of mentorship where we pick and train staff to be strong and place themselves to allow campers to talk openly about God, and ask some of the hard questions. Ultimately our goal is to bring these kids to God through baptism and provide examples of how to accomplish this. -Jared, Shannon, and Jonah Leinen, Session Directors