Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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  • The camp is governed by fifteen volunteer directors who are elected by the general camp membership at the annual corporate meeting in September. Comprised of three committees, the Board of Directors meet monthly in various locations between Kearney and Council Bluffs to discuss, plan, and make decisions for the direction, needs, and future of Nebraska Youth Camp.
  • To keep up with the latest Board information, see the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes.
  • For detailed information about Board requirements and regulations, please refer to the Nebraska Youth Camp Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.
  • If you are interested in serving on the Board or have some great ideas, please contact us! We would love to hear from you.

Current Board Members

  • Serving a 3 year term to 2021
  • Andrew Adams – Hastings, NE – Programs Committee
  • Andrea Leinen – Council Bluffs, IA – Facilities Committee
  • Adam Brock – Grand Island, NE – Programs Committee
  • Jake Munsell – Kearney, NE – President
  • Greg Clark – Kearney, NE – Promotions Committee
  • Serving a 3 year term to 2022
  • Crystal Stoll – Papillion, NE – Promotions Committee
  • Deena Tandy – York, NE – Programs Committee
  • Eric Tremaine – York, NE – Facilities CommitteeVice President
  • Jonah Leinen – Council Bluffs, IA – Promotions Committee
  • Scott Dinkler – Bladen, NE – Facilities Committee
  • Serving a 3 year term to 2023
  • Avery Miller – Omaha, NE – ? Committee
  • Cheri Clark – Kearney, NE – ? Committee
  • Jerry Munsell – NYC Caretaker – Facilities CommitteeTreasurer
  • Judy Pierce – Lincoln, NE – Facilities CommitteeSecretary
  • Michele Tandy – York, NE – Programs Committee

Committee Information

In 1992 the Board was divided into three committees: Facilities, Programs, and Promotions. This allows the Board to work more efficiently in smaller focus groups.

Facilities Committee Responsibilities

  • Buildings & Grounds – supervise existing facilities and land usage
  • New Construction – advise, approve and supervise any new approved construction
  • Caretaker Agreement – develop yearly contract and supervise adherance
  • Equipment Maintenance – advise and direct repairs and upkeep of equipment
  • Maintenance Guidelines – establish and direct facilities improvement standards
  • Operations Guidelines – direct continuous operations, inventory and guidelines

Programs Committee Responsibilities

  • Curriculum – establish yearly teaching curriculum and materials as needed
  • Staffing – select and approve staff for camp sessions
  • Directors – recruit and approve directors for camp sessions
  • Policies/Rules – advise formation and revision of rules as necessary
  • Registration – collect camp registration and supervise each session
  • Calendar – establish yearly camp schedule and book rentals

Promotions Committee Responsibiltities

  • Public Relations – direct and ensure positive public image of the camp
  • Newsletter – publish quarterly letter to all members
  • Fund Raising – develop and supervise fund raising efforts
  • Historian – track and record historical data of the camp
  • Booster Clubs – develop and encourage boosters in local area churches
  • Membership – recruit and develop annual membership drive and support
  • Director Elections – direct or assign yearly board member elections