Staff Training (On-Line)

Nebraska Youth Camp is led by volunteers and members of the church. Our mission and vision are expressed during our staff training. All staff are expected to attend our training, but if distance or circumstance impedes the weekend training, online training sources are available here. Each section has questions and media attached to answer the questions.

SurveyMonkey Online Question Answering: Campfire, Devo, Behavior Part 1

Model Campfire and Devotional Training, Adam Brock

Behavior: Grace and Accountability, Andy Adams

SurveyMonkey Online Question Answering: Rules Part 2

Rational for Rules and Rules Overview, Michelle Tandy: Written Rules

Rational of Rules, 3 Parts, Michelle Tandy Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

SurveyMonkey Online Question Answering: Protecting Their Youth Part 3

Safe Touch Video