Week long session are $125 – Junior 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2, & Senior 1 & 2
Half week session are $65 – Beginner 1 & 2, Girls’ Camp, & Guys’ Camp
Early Bird Discount is available until May 15 at $10 for each week long session and $5 for each half week session.

Camper Registration

Link to online camper registration

Downloads for Paper Registration

Staff Application

  1. Whom would you consider to be a role model in your church or Christian journey and why?
  2. Why is Nebraska Youth Camp important to you? What do you see as the purpose of NYC?
  3. Please list any service opportunities you are active in at your church (examples: teaching, serving or preparing communion, encouragement ministries, etc.)
  4. Please list any experience you have had with children and youth.

Link to staff training information
Link to background check site

Link to online staff application  – This form can take some time. It would be wise to prepare answers to the following questions before you begin and have them in a digital format so you can copy and paste them into the appropriate place. Answering no, none or leaving one blank does not disqualify you from service. These questions are intended to help us know your previous experience and character. Directors will have discretion to ask other questions if you do not answer.

Camp Ground Rental Information

Please click here for information.