About Us

Nebraska Youth Camp is a non-profit organization of Christians who joined together in the early 1960’s to provide opportunities for young people to enjoy camping in a Christian setting. In 1965, the “Trail Junction” campsite, near Kearney, Nebraska, was acquired. The campsite is just north of Fort Kearney where the Oregon Trail, the Oxbow Trail, the Nebraska City Cut-Off and the Pony Express Trail came together.
Trail Junction is a sixty acre area of light woods which is bordered on one side by the Platte River. It contains a five acre lake with a sand beach, a dining hall/kitchen, chapel, classrooms, 2 staff cabins, 12 camper cabins, shower house, 2 covered picnic shelters, basketball court, soccer field, 8 campfire sites and numerous hiking and tractor trails.

Nebraska Youth Camp has been serving the greater Nebraska area for the past 50 years, providing 8 weeks of youth camping each summer at Trail Junction along with several activities for families. Members of the Churches of Christ from around the Midwest have weekend retreats throughout the camping season.

The camp is governed by fifteen directors who are chosen by the general camp membership at its annual meeting in September.

Mission Statement
“The mission of Nebraska Youth Camp is to provide God’s people a wholesome environment, recreation and instruction in the knowledge of God’s word in order to strengthen their walk with God.”

To fulfill these objectives, the Board of Directors shall arrange appropriate activities, under the guidance and supervision of Christians, during the course of each year for the Nebraska area.

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