Facilities Projects list:

  • Cook’s deck roof – Jerry Munsell
  • Lake bacteria treatment – Jake Munsell
  • Chapel building drawings – Eric Tremaine
  • Canoe & kayak racks – Eric Tremaine
  • Girls bathhouse exterior block work – Jerry Munsell
  • Replace power pole at Blackfoot cabin
  • Repair drainage from craft room
  • Redo bunk beds for larger mattressess – Jerry Munsell
  • Clean and organize Dining Hall deck
  • Make “Visitor direction” signs for entrance and Dining Hall – Cheri Clark
  • Design and install map on notice board by craft room
  • Replace rotted campfire site seating
  • Jake’s No-Name rebuild project
  • Repaint Dining Hall interior – Andrea Leinen
  • Clean Dining Hall window sills and blinds
  • Rework fishing docks around lake
  • Jake’s fishing pier (just East of boat house)
  • Camp opening – May 17-19
  • Camp opening check list (click on Spring Cleaning tab at bottom)

Cabin bed project:

  • Cabin beds needing reworked or replaced:
  • Orioles – 4 wooden bunkbeds, 1 metal single bed
  • Wimihi – 1 wooden bunkbed, 1 wooden single, 2 metal bunkbeds
  • Bob-o-link – all good
  • Tanda – 4 wooden bunkbeds, 2 metal single beds
  • ChibCha – all good
  • Nunami – 3 wooden bunkbeds, 1 metal bunkbed, 1 metal single bed
  • Blackfoot – all good
  • Arapahoe – all good
  • Navajo – 3 wooden bunkbeds, 2 metal bunkbeds
  • Mohawk – 3 wooden bunkbeds, 1 wood single bed, 1 metal bunkbed
  • Apache – 2 wooden bunkbeds, 1 metal bunkbed
  • Commanchee – all good
  • Totals:
  • 20 wooden bunkbeds need extension blocks
  • 2 wooden single beds need blocks
  • 8 metal bunkbeds need replaced
  • 2 metal single beds need replaced
All the wooden bunkbeds can be reworked by adding a couple of 2×4 blocks
Since we only need 3 inches the two 2×4’s work well because we can use wood screws for the blocks and lag screws for the hardware.
Blocks added to extend a wooden bunkbed. We will need to stain or paint them before camp.
Bob-o-link and some of the other cabins have these newer frames that are long enough. We might consider trading these with the ones in the staff cabins because they take up less room.
Bunkbeds in ChibCha were built and donated when the cabin was constructed. They are long enough.
This is one of the metal single beds. They are too short and probably need to be replaced.
This is what the metal bunkbeds look like. They need to be replaced.