Senior COVID-19 Plan

Hello Senior Session Camper and Parents

As we started planning for the 2020 camp session we pictured something very different than what happened this summer. However, we are pleased that we are going to be able to offer 2 weeks of Senior camp! What a blessing to us all during this isolated time.

Many questions I’m sure have popped up for you and so we first want to start by saying that we are going to plan on adhering by the guidelines that the board of NYC has published publicly on the website:

*A temperature/health check will be performed at registration and will continue daily throughout the sessions; a camper will be required to leave the session due to a failed screening. A temperature of 100.4, loss of taste or smell, or a dry cough are indications of a failed screening.

*Walk-ins will not be accepted. Preregistration must be completed two days before the session.

*We will be outside much more than typical sessions

*No visitors are allowed

*No campers/staff will be allowed offsite without director approval

*Campers will be asked to stay for the entire session. If campers choose to leave a session, they will be asked to not return.

So what does this mean at Senior Session and what else do you need to know?

As many of our campers drive themselves we are not going to be having an appointment-time for registration. We would request that all campers arrive between 2 and 5. Registration will be held outdoors and parents will be asked to NOT get out of their cars. We will have a ‘driving registration line’ clearly marked. Campers who drive themselves will unload their cars and park after completing registration. Campers with parent drop-off will say good-bye to their parents at the end of the registration process.

If a camper is only staying for Week 1-we would ask that you pick them up between 11-1 on Saturday, July 25 and not exit your vehicle-we will inform your camper to pack and be ready for you in the camp courtyard. If you are dropping off your child for Week 2 only we would ask that you come for registration between 2 and 5 on Sunday, July 26. We will have a car-line registration on this day as well.

Weekend Plans/Laundry:
Usually we let campers check out in the morning and return by early afternoon on Saturday to restock on snacks/supplies/do laundry. This year we will have a plan to help individuals who need laundry between W1 and W2. We would ask that parents refrain from coming and collecting their campers or dropping off items for any reason.

Extra Canteen Money:
We would advise that parents consider depositing extra canteen money in their child’s account during registration-in efforts to avoid staff going to town unless necessary for supplies, snacks, and items for cabins we would like to open up canteen more times than we normally consider (for those unfamiliar this is our snackshop)-suggested extra money may be approximately $10 per week. Also, we would suggest, but not require, that parents consider ‘donating’ $5-10 per child to Nebraska Youth Camp to meet their child’s laundry needs over the weekend if they are a 2 week camper.

Nurse and Health:
We are pleased to announce that we will have a certified nurse at both weeks of our session. We will adhere to the board guidelines (listed above) and any camper that is sick with symptoms that are concerning will be isolated and parents will be called.

If you have questions please call Jared (402–679-6844) or Shannon (402-366-3805) Leinen