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Beginners campers

Beginners Camp is for kids who have completed Kindergarten through 9 years old. There are two Beginners Camp sessions; each are 3 days and 2 nights long.

The kids start the day off with breakfast and a cabin assigned work detail. Then comes morning chapel where the kids break into groups and rotate between four classes (Bible, nature, crafts, and activities). After lunch they also have swim time, canteen, and time to rest and write camp-o-grams (the internal camp mail system). After dinner, they either participate in a cabin activity or whole camp activity and the day ends with campfire and a snack.

Campers participate in Crazy Olympics, Skit Night, Cabin Parties, and various games and water activities throughout the session.

Because of the age of the campers, Beginners Camp has many kids that are staying the night away from home for the first time. That's okay! That's what Beginners Camp is for! Beginners Camp sets the foundation for campers to grow and continue on to the next session.

Beginners Camp has many seasoned veterans as Staff, and also provides a venue for first-timers to serve as co-councilors alongside a more experienced councilor.

Some of the things campers enjoy most at Beginners Camp are the classes because they are a lot of fun with great teachers, and the councilors because they are great role models that provide fun and guidance.

“ We want to ensure a safe, happy camping experience for the kids in which their love for God, others, and NYC will flourish in the years to come...and that they will want to come back for more! ”

-Theresa Brown, Session Director

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