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2018 Sessions!

Session Information

To clarify common registration questions:
Q: Is registration over? Camp full?
A: No, you can register the day of and none of the sessions are currently full
Q: Cost for camp?
A: $125/week (requires at least a $25 deposit to reserve a spot)
Q: I submitted my registration online and selected PayPal but it didn't pop-up to pay?
A: Correct, it's not automatic
Q: How to pay online?
A: Use the PayPal buttons on the top right of the website.

NYC 2018 Session Dates

Last Day for Online Registration - June 1st
      ⬤     Girls Camp - June 3-6
      ⬤     Beginner 1 - June 18-20
      ⬤     Beginner 2 - June 21-23
      ⬤     Junior 1 - June 24-30
      ⬤     Junior 2 - July 1-July 7
      ⬤     Intermediate 1 - July 8-14
      ⬤     Intermediate 2 - July 15-21
      ⬤     Senior 1 - July 22-28
      ⬤     Senior 2 - July 29-August 4
Additional Session Information

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