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NYC 2015 Updates!

**Breaking News** 6/29/15

For many years we have been praying for rain. This year it appears that our prayers have been answered; however, this has caused some issues at Nebraska Youth Camp. As a result of the high river, we have seen some minor flooding in the camp's low-lying areas. While some of that flooding is located near the heart of the camp, none of our buildings are currently at risk. We are working on building bridges to ensure dry, safe passage to all parts of the camp. We are also continuing to follow the forecasts for both the rain and the river.
As circumstances change, we will adapt, but at this time THERE ARE NO PLANS TO CANCEL ANY SESSIONS. The last thing we heard was that the river is expected to crest this week, and higher than normal river levels will last for another month or so. If conditions get worse, then we may have to re-evaluate our plans; please keep checking back on our website and Facebook page for any updates. NYC Board of Directors

NYC Board of Directors

WE WANT YOU!.. on the Nebraska Youth Camp Board of Directors!

WHO? People who love the ministry of NYC and would like to work with a group of people dedicated to leading and guiding this ministry. Must be 21 years of age and members of the corporation.

WHAT? The business, property and affairs of Nebraska Youth Camp shall be managed by a board of fifteen directors.

WHEN? The Board meets once a month throughout the year along with time working at camp.

WHERE? The board gathers at different cities across the state for their monthly meetings.

WHY? To ensure that the ministry of NYC continues each year by overseeing the official business needed to run the camp and the planning of camp sessions and activities.

HOW? Leadership through Prayer, Fellowship and Teamwork.

If you are interested in serving on the Board please contact Eric Tremaine for more information: 402-362-7450 /


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