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NYC | General Session Info

What To Expect

Daily Routine

Mornings at camp are generally devoted to various classes: Bible, crafts, nature and singing. In the afternoons, activities such as volleyball, archery, flag-football, soccer, frisbee-golf, swimming, canoeing, hiking, and others are scheduled. Evenings are filled with group games, campfires, and devotionals. Schedules for the middle Saturday and Sunday vary for Junior, Intermediate and Senior.


Campers are expected to keep their personal belongings in order and their cabins clean. Crews are assigned on a rotating basis to clean the restrooms, dining hall, chapel, grounds and other jobs.

Medication and First Aid

A first aider or nurse will be on the campgrounds to provide care and to distribute medicine to any camper using prescription or non-prescription products. All medicines must be in a locked area; please be prepared to turn them in at Registration time. Campers are covered on a secondary basis by the camp's health and accident insurance.


There are no laundry facilities on the camp grounds. Parents are responsible for making arrangements for laundry to be done.

Money and Canteen

All money is deposited in a personal canteen account. Please have it with you (not packed). Snacks can be purchased at scheduled times in limited amounts. Postage can also be purchased. Balances are refunded at the session's end. We suggest a limit of $20 per week. Canteen items are 75¢ each.


Mail is sent and received daily at camp. A cheerful letter from home can help campers adjust to a new situation. Please send your camper a letter! They love getting mail! Mail should be addressed to:

Camper's Name
c/o Nebraska Youth Camp
65 Sweetwater Ave
Kearney, NE 68847

Phone Calls

The camp phone is for business and emergency use. Please do not call your camper or expect calls from them except for emergencies. No collect calls, please. The Nebraska Youth Camp phone number is 308-236-8889.


Please plan visits to avoid taking the camper from a scheduled activity. Evenings, or the middle weekend of a two week session, are usually the best. Visitors are asked to check in with a staff member upon arrival. Meals may be obtained at the dining hall for $3 for adults, less for children. The camp does not provide for overnight visitors.

What to Bring

What Not to Bring