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Project camp

Project Camp is a mixed age session of youth and adults who come to work for the camp.

After a hearty breakfast campers get with their project leaders to begin work. Campers take mid-morning breaks as needed and have a good hour lunch break. After lunch it's back to work for the afternoon with another break as needed. After supper, they relax (or work if they just haven't had enough yet) and then have evening campfire and head to bed.

Work projects can include roofing, screen/door repair, maintaining/repairing campfire rings and seating; cleaning cabins, bathrooms, other buildings, grounds; setting out swings, picnic tables, swim lines and docks, trash cans; painting, water sealing, forming up and pouring concrete, removing brush/wood, cooking for the crew!!... and anything that needs to be done for the camp.

Campers enjoy putting in the swimming lines/docks (especially if it is hot) and doing projects that improve the camp.

“ The goal of Project Camp is to provide an opportunity for 7th-12th grade campers to work with adult leaders to learn/improve the skills needed to maintain the campground while fostering friendships and developing a sense of ownership in the camp.

Our focus is to help with camp maintenance and improvement. ”

-Harold and Deena Tandy, Session Directors

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