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Senior campers

Music Camp is for young people in grades 7-12.

Each day we will honor God, country, and the church. We will draw closer to God and one another as we share lots of old and new songs. We will practice singing skills and new songs each day together and in small groups, preparing for a concert on Saturday night for parents and other visitors. Our focus will be on God through music. We will spend most of the afternoons in fun and games with challenge teams. Evenings will include more song practice and worship in song. Our devotionals will be camper-led, and Spirit - filled.

A jam-packed schedule of purpose driven activities. Campers participate in a variety of activities such as devotionals, flag raising, music class, vocal and ear training, sing harmony, music reading, rhythm, new/old songs, song messages, worship leadership, and that's all before lunch time! Afternoons include team challenges in volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, softball, and horseshoes. There are also group games and water activities. Evening activities include song practice, worship in song, and camper-lead devotionals.

Music Camp is unique because both campers and staff to draw unbelievably close to God specifically through sharing spiritual music. The spiritual standard of expectation will be extremely high, and we will rise to it!

Campers enjoy singing, sharing, and building relationships that are Christ-centered.

“ During Music Camp our goals are learning the joy of praising God in song and drawing so close to Him and one another that we can be transparent. We focus on doing our very best in our praise to God, and loving it. ”

-Mike Reeves, Session Director

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