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Why Become a Member?

We need your support! Nebraska Youth Camp is a non-profit organization that truly focuses on what's important -- the kids. Members are a vital part of the camp. Without the help and support of the Membership, Nebraska Youth Camp would not be able to thrive and grow.

When you become a Member, not only are you supporting the camp, but you are supporting the spiritual well-being of hundreds of kids across Nebraska and surrounding states. Becoming a Member gives you the opportunity to be involved in a ministry that focuses on bringing kids closer to God. See our Mission Statement.

Join us and work side by side with the Board of Directors to maintain our Mission and push forward into the future of God's Kingdom!

Member Benefits

How To Become a Member

Step 1: Read Article II of the By Laws (below) and complete the Membership Form

Step 2: Pay membership dues. Dues are $25 per year or $500 for lifetime.

Official Membership Information

From the Nebraska Youth Camp Bylaws. As Amended September 17th, 2016:

Article II - Membership

Section 1 - Membership Qualifications.

Members of the Nebraska Youth Camp Corporation must be at least 18 years of age, a member in good standing of the church of Christ, and have paid their annual dues to the corporation.

Section 2 - Term of Membership.

The term of membership shall continue only during the period of time for which the dues have been paid and for a grace period of sixty days after this time has expired, whereupon the membership shall automatically terminate.

Section 3 - Rights and Obligations of Membership.

All qualified applicants shall be given all membership rights upon payment of their membership fees. Persons becoming members shall be bound by provisions of the by-laws, the articles of incorporation, and such rules and regulations as shall be in effect.

Section 4 - Membership fees.

An annual membership is $25.00 per year, payable as many years in advance as desired. A life time membership shall be granted upon payment of $500.00.

Section 5 - Expulsion and Reinstatement.

Any member may be expelled and his membership canceled for flagrant and persistent violation of the by-laws, rules and regulations, or engaging in any courses of conduct unbecoming a member. This action must be taken by a three-fourths majority of the Board of Directors. Upon expulsion, all interest of the expelled member in the corporation and its property and business shall cease. If an expelled member shall rectify the reasons for his expulsion to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors, the board has the authority to determine the manner and means by which the expelled member shall be reinstated.

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