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tree iconBehavior Guidelines

Nebraska Youth Camp Behavior Guidelines

Rules for acceptance and participation in the camping program are the same for everyone regardless of age, color, race, handicap, or national origin.

Respect God, respect others, and respect yourself

  1. Misconduct, such as swearing, fighting, disrespect for other and the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco will not be tolerated. Such behavior may result in notification of parents and the dismissal of the camper.
  2. Physical displays of affection between girls & boys are innappropriate.
  3. Fireworks or any kind of fire lighting device, weapons or knives are not allowed.
  4. Radios/tapes/CD/DVD/MP3/televisions/computers/video games, cell phones and pagers, and other electronis devices are not allowed.
  5. Clothing should be modest. Short shorts, see-through tops and garments that are skin tight or expose the torso are not to be worn.
  6. No writing on or defacing of camp property.
  7. All medications must be turned in at Registration. (State law)
  8. Cabin areas are off-limits to the opposite sex.
  9. Campers are expected to attend all activities.
  10. Campers are not permitted to drive any vehicle on the campgrounds. Personal vehicles will be parked, locked & keys turned in to director.
  11. Campers may not leave campground without director's permission.
  12. Lake & river use is by permission only & with proper supervision.
  13. All accidents are to be reported to the camp nurse or the director.
  14. Turkey Creek is off-limits due to health/safety considerations.
  15. To minimize health hazards, wearing shoes is required for Beginner & junior sessions and strongly recommended for Intermediate & Senior.