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tree iconBeach Rules & Regulations

Nebraska Youth Camp Beach Rules and Regulations


  • No one in the water without an adult in attendance.
  • Swimming in designated areas only.
  • Life jackets must be worn when boating or rafting.
  • Fishing not permitted in swimming area at any time.
  • No motorized craft allowed.
  • Fires in designated areas only.
  • No vehicles or pets on the beach.
  • No glass allowed on the beach.

Youth Camp Session Rules


  • Do not enter water without lifeguard's permission.
  • Swimming under dock not allowed.
  • Please walk on the dock.
  • No pushing or horseplay.
  • Do not hang on shallow area rope-safety use only.
  • Inner tubes/flotation devices restricted to shallow water use. (Unless campers are tested for deep-water swimming ability & a list is maintained & used.)
  • Night swimming or boating not allowed. (Policy 1994)


  • Dive only where indicated as safe.
  • Wait for the person ahead of you to surface & clear the area before you go.
  • Return to the dock ON THE SURFACE- not UNDERWATER.
  • Restrict number of people on the dock if the surface submerges.
  • Do not allow dock to tip.
  • Rock throwing from perimeter only- not AT boats or anyone.


  • Boating only allowed with proper supervision.
  • Life jackets must be properly fastened before leaving shore/dock.
  • Remain seated in canoes and paddleboats.
  • Stay clear of swimming area, fishermen and other boats.
  • Please use equipment carefully.