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tree iconVernon Corman & Nick Surratt Memorial Basketball Court

Basketball Court

After many years of campers trying to play on the dirt court behind the Mess Hall, Vern Corman and his sons Dustin and Darren decided to build and donate a "real" basketball court to Nebraska Youth Camp. Plans were made, form lumber was purchased, basketball hoops were ordered. But before construction could begin, tragedy struck. Vern died in a farming accident.

In the Spring of 1998 Dustin and Darren Corman began excavating the new basketball court on their own. It was what Vern would have wanted them to do. But with all the farming to do not much was accomplished that year. In the Spring of 1999 Dustin and Darren were back at it again. With the help of many people from all over the Midwest the basketball court began to take shape. By Senior session it was in full use.

For a number of years Nick Surratt attended and volunteered at the camp. In the summer of 1997 Nick attended Senior session, even though his family was now living in Florida. In the fall Nick moved to York, Nebraska, to attend York College. Tragedy struck again. Nick collapsed and died on the basketball court at the College.

Nick loved to play basketball. He played many games on that old dirt court behind the kitchen. Some thought it would be a wonderful idea to build the new basketball court in his memory. So, they began raising money for this to happen. The Corman's were asked, and Marla (Vern's wife) and Dustin were willing to go along with this. And, still willing to pay for whatever it cost beyond what was raised, which was over 2/3 of the cost.

The youth group from Hastings Church of Christ sold t-shirts to raise money for the basketball court (see picture below).

A true labor of love, in memory of two great men. Thank you to everyone who donated funds and helped with the construction, especially the Corman's.

The memorial plaque reads: “ Dedicated in memory of Vernon Corman and Nick Surratt. Their commitment to Godly living and the youth of Nebraska will continue to inspire us. ”

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